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James Penfold - Paraplanner

Favourite Quote
“I should think I’m going to be a perpetual scholar” - Anton Chekov, The Cherry Orchard.

To do the best job I can possibly do helping others meet their financial goals in order to realise their financial dreams, and to do it everyday with a smile on my face.

My Credentials
I have been a part of the industry for over ten years, originally working for a local investment management firm; Border Asset Management, where I earned Associate status with the ‘Chartered Insititute for Securites and Investements’ (CISI). Recently I’ve worked for an international investment firm, Sanlam, before being offered the opportunity to join my colleagues at RDB.
I am currently working towards my level 4 diploma with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

My Archetype
53% Performer, 30% Royal & 17% Visionary:
As a ‘Performer’ taking centre stage comes naturally to me whether that be at the photocopier or in front of an audience. Performers can be magnetic and inspirational – or at least that’s what I keep telling everybody! ‘Royal’ tends to thrive on attention, they usually enjoy sole ownership of a task, and they take a particular joy in a job well done. Finally, a ‘Visionary’ is interested in challenging the status quo and seeing if there are new ways of achieving results – they seek out alternate solutions and gain satisfaction from seeing these come to fruition.

What I like best about RDB
The clients! My colleagues come a close second but it’s the clients that make everyday so fulfilling. Working for RDB is so important to me because it has given me the opportunity to learn from a fantastic group of people who genuinely care about their clients and enjoy the work they do for them. RDB support me everyday in my work towards my diploma in financial planning, and colleagues are always happy to help with any question or query I have (no matter how busy they are!) and they inspire me to be the best possible investment professional I can be.
We have a special atmosphere in our office in Levens which can be described best as ‘hard working fun’, when clients come to visit, they will often be greeted by our smiling faces. We have a great culture and love having people coming into the office to experience it.

My Top 3 Books
Mort (but almost everything by Pratchett).

Hobbies and Interests
Living in local Lancaster but working on the doorstep of the Lakes, I’m spoilt for outdoor activities and often can be seen on a walk, playing football or sheltering from the weather in a country pub.

When I’m not out and about I’m a keen reader with technology and investments being of particular interest.

I’m passionate about giving blood and regularly do so at my local donation centre, it’s a small thing to do that can literally mean life or death to somebody else and I urge everyone to give it a go!