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Karen Barker - Client Service Specialist

To provide a first class administrative service to both our clients and advisers.

My Role
A varied role including all elements of the administration of the business, from conducting the financial transactions to the preparation of client reports and analytical documents for the advisers.

My Credentials
As the youngest member of the team, I joined RDB shortly after completing my A Levels at Kirkbie Kendal School. I began working as a part time trainee in March 2019, and gradually built my knowledge and confidence within the company, resulting in me becoming a fully-trained member of the Client Service Team after 12 months. I am looking forward to seeing how my career will continue to progress over the next few years.

What do I like best about RDB
The friendships I have built within my time at RDB ensure that you enjoy each day and have enabled us to form a strong Client Service Team to provide a high quality service for our clients.

Hobbies and Interests
Outside of work I enjoy painting and drawing, as well as cooking and baking.