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Phil Williams - Director and Chartered Financial Planner

Favourite quote
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

My top 3 favourite Podcasts/Books
The Giving Tree
The Phantom Tollbooth

To create a workplace that everybody enjoys being part of, capable of providing a top-class service and experience for clients  .

My Role
To deliver high quality, honest advice to clients, and to provide my input into the business running and decision making to make this possible.

My Credentials
After growing up in Kendal, I flew the nest at 19 and obtained an honours degree in Management Studies at the University of Leeds. After graduating I returned to the area, and started working in the financial services industry in 2006, when in my mid-20’s. Being really keen to start advising as soon as possible, I qualified and became an adviser after about 12 months. I have been gaining valuable experience in the role, along with knowledge to back this up ever since. After working for a couple of local firms, as well as sitting numerous exams, and 20-odd later achieving chartered and fellowship status, I joined RDB and became a director in 2017. This has allowed me to put some of what I learned in my studies to practice, and the rest is history!

What’s your Archetype
According to an online quiz, I am 50% Athlete (maybe a few years ago!), 28% Explorer and 22% Caregiver.

The athlete aspect is associated with a high level of focus and drive, as well as staying fit and healthy (as well as winning apparently!). The Explorer is drawn to the unknown, and a thirst for adventure, taking ‘journeys’ not ‘holidays’. Friendly, sincere, and compassionate, the caregiver finds their reward in helping others. No one could ask for a better best friend (the website’s words not mine!).

What do I like best about RDB
Working as part of a great team of great people who share common values of decency, hard work and delivering quality, as well as dealing with some amazing clients. The Christmas parties are pretty good too!

Hobbies and Interests
Spending time with my family, running, cycling, walking, exploring, holidays (sorry journeys!), eating, meeting with friends, DIY, gardening and watching football.