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Step 1- Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will comprise of:

  1. An initial meeting with one of our qualified financial advisors
  2. A chance to ask questions and understand what we do
  3. An opportunity for us to find out what help you require
  4. A discussion of the options available to you from our menu of services
  5. An explanation of and information about our charges

Ideally this is a face to face meeting held either at your home or our offices. These meetings are free of charge with absolutely no obligation at all.

We conduct what is in effect a survey of your current position. We gather all the information we need to know your financial position inside and out. We then go on to talk about your aspirations for the future which may be your retirement, a sale of a business, protecting capital using trusts amongst many. Finally we assess your attitude to investment risk. This ensures that the advice we give is tailored to you whether you are one of life's gamblers or the most risk averse person on the planet.

Once we have taken stock we can often at the meeting discuss payment options with you. It may be a fixed fee, an hourly rate or a commission.  Commission is only payable for mortgages and non investment insurance NOT investments.