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Step 2 - Review Research Report

We will carry out an extensive assessment of your financial circumstances at the outset to establish your
financial planning requirements.  This will include:

  • gathering information about your existing financial arrangements and full personal circumstances;
  • gaining an understanding of your needs and objectives in general and your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk.
  • conducting a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant markets which leads to our recommendation of:
    • a suitable solution to your identified needs and objectives within, where appropriate, your stated approach to investment risk.
    • an assessment and advice on the suitability of any existing holdings (plans or products)
  • preparing and sending our recommendations to you;
  • where appropriate arranging a second appointment to explain and discuss our recommendations in detail.

We meet again once we have formalised our thoughts in the form of a full report for your Financial Planning.

We present our ideas to you in an unhurried relaxed manner until you are happy that you fully understand the proposals.You are then in a position to make an informed choice.